In spite of the fact that the hamstrings play an important role during running they are hopelessly neglected. Specific strength training for hamstrings is however possible. But it is important to know how the hamstrings work. And it is even more important to know what you should not do during training.

While running the hamstrings are used to transfer the power from the hip-extenders (Gluteus-Maximus/Minimus/Medimus) to the knee. During this energy transport, the hamstrings are used isometric. Because the hamstrings are bi-articulair (run over two joints; hip and knee) this is however not a static load. Furthermore the hamstrings do not consist of one single muscle, but of a collection of several muscles (biceps feromis pars longa/pars brevis, semitendeosis, semimembranosus) wich are neatly intertwinned and all have different working angles. The coordination that steers the hamstrings during the running is so refined that it can come disturded through incorrect power training. The classic Hamstrings-curls by which the load is concentric, are to be avoided at all times for runners.

Attentions point for power training

Mid-season is NOT a good time to start with the excersises listed below.



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