Carvalho's: Use in Training

The use of Carvalho's model in training we take a look at the three parts in wich Carvalho devides the race. The training model saids you can train part by part if you take notice of a set of simple rules. By training just one part at the time you can learn more in a single session. The key rule is to simulate race conditions for just one part of the race and try to run as you whould in a race. For the early season we have 4 basic programs:

1. Short Carvalho's hurdles 1 to 4   
2. Middle Carvalho's hurdles 4 to 7   
3. Long Carvalho's hurdles 7 to 10  
4. Crazy Carvalho's Combined Middle & Long  

These program's are very usefull to get (re)acquainted with the hurdles at full speed. When running these program's you try to establish the stride pattern you want to use in competition. To simulate race conditions you adjust recovery accordingly. For example when running short Carvalho's you take a long rest allowing you to fully recover and when running Long Carvalho's you take a very short rest allowing the lactic acid to build up. Carvalho's are best ran with a coach on the side, taking touch-down time's at every hurdle then you can make small adjustments every repetition.
All programs are ran with a 20 meter run up and end 10 meter after the last hurdle.


Short Carvalho's
2 x 3 x (h1-h2-h3-h4) R: 8 min SR: 15 min
3 x 2 x (h1-h2-h3-h4) R: 6 min SR: 15 min

Middle Carvalho's
3 x 4 x (h4-h5-h6-h7) R: 2 min SR: 20 min

Long Carvalho's
3 x 5 x (h7-h8-h9-h10) R: 90sec SR: 30 min

Crazy Carvalho's
2 x 3 x {(h4-h5-h6-h7) R: 30sec (h7-h8-h9-h10)} R: 4 min SR: 20 min

Remark's for the Coach

Is the athlete attacking the hurdle?

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