Step Up Jump In

We are all familiar with the classic step-up's. This exercise might look simular but is something else. This exercise is aimed to get a quicker swing leg and especially suited for jumpers and hurdles to improve take-off. This is a coordinatively complex exercise, some will get it right the first time others will struggle for weeks. Take also note of the fact that there will be a side dominance. Once you master this one you can advance to Step Up Lunge and Step Up Double scissor.


Use a low bench (20-30cm). For beginners it is necessary that the bench is firmly positioned and has good grip. First dry practice with a stick or with hands behind your head. Attention points for the coach:


  • Full extension of the last leg to leave the floor
  • Knees should pass before landing
  • Hard landing on the mid-foot (not just the toes) 

Applied weights for advanced athletes: 30-50 kg.
Typical series: 3x4 per leg.

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