Myths about losing weight and burning fat

Myth 1. You can burn fat locally

Lots of workout instructions make you believe you can target the places where you want to lose fat by activating the muscles in that area. For example lose the fat on your belly by doing sit-ups. Unfortunately you cannot, your muscles cannot directly use the fat surrounding them. Fat has to travel through the liver, which converts it into glycogen before it can be used. The fat the liver uses can come from anywhere in your body.

Myth 2. You can lose weight by running

There are lots of training programs that promise weight lost by running. The cruel fact is you can not run long enough to use up significant amounts of energy. You have to run for an hour every day at a reasonable pace of at least 10 km/h to make some kind of impact on your energy consumption. But one glaced donut will simply compensate for all your efforts.

Myth 3. You must run slow and long to burn fat

Sadly no, before you start burning fat, you have to deplete the glycogen in your blood and liver to a certain extend. The average runner has to run at least 10km to get there. Once you get there chances are your body is most likely to start burning up your muscles (protein), because it much easier fuel for the body. You will burn fat at best after you have excersise, no matter at what intensitie.

Myth 4. You can lose weight without a diet

To lose weight you have to take in less calories than you burn. And let’s face it you are taking in too much calories as it is. If you should manage to burn significantly more than the extra calories you eat, you are not there yet. Once your body will feel energy is in demand, it can optimize the energy taken from the food you eat by 10-15%. So you just have to cut back your calorie intake by at least 10-15% for a reasonable amount of time.

Myth 5. Just lose the carbs

This looks like the dream diet for all you meat and fat lovers out there. And it is, just a dream. But you actually know people who tried this and it worked. Okay they are again fatter than ever but that’s just because they just couldn’t keep up this low carb diet. Trust me, this is what happens to all of them; You will lose weight fast, because without the carbs you be burning up your muscles. Your body will be screaming for carbs and if you can resist this you will be shivering cold, feeling weak and hardly being able to work. Your legs and arms will go all thin, but you will keep your familiar round belly. Good luck with that.


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